Prairie’s Distinctives

What Makes Prairie Baptist Church Distinctive?

We are an American Baptist Church…

• that lives out equal partnership between women and men, accepts people of great diversity and practices respect for everyone.
• with a strong tradition of ministries with children and youth, where continuing spiritual growth is valued and encouraged for every person.
• that humbly seeks to be the hands and feet of Christ in the world, caring for those in need.
• that offers participatory, creative styles of worship with high standards of excellence in preaching, music, liturgy and the experience of worship.
• with gifted leaders who make a difference in the world.
• based on the historic Baptist liberties of local church autonomy, separation of church and state, soul liberty, and scriptural liberty.
• that is a leadership church within the American Baptist Churches USA, committed to American Baptist values and mission.
• In the suburbs that cares deeply about racial and economic justice and equality.
• that practices open communion, open faith and an open contextual interpretation of scripture.
• that encourages questions and doesn’t impose answers.