Connect with Us

Connect with Us

Prairie offers a variety of ways for all age groups to explore, experience, and discover meaningful ways to connect with one another and the world around us. Spiritual formation, faith development and growth, serving in ministry, and time spent together in fellowship are all important to living a Christian life and participating in a community of faith. Everyone is welcome to participate in and find the best place to get connected. Church membership is a deeper way of getting connected and committed to the Christian life and the community of faith. If you are interested in knowing more about joining our community of faith in membership, or want to know how to get better connected, please contact the church office., or 913-722-6176

Adult Group Opportunities

Sunday Learning Groups

Consider joining one of these Sunday morning classes in 2017, so that you can grow in your faith and relationships with others at Prairie.

  • On February 26th  the Jubilee Class of mixed adult ages started a study called The Pilgrim Road: A Benedictine Journey Through Lent by Albert Holtz, O.S.B.  This study has daily Benedictine devotions, with a weekly discussion (2nd floor, Founders’ Room).
  • The Growing Deeper Class is studying of the book of Acts, using N.T. Wright’s For Everyone Bible Study Guide.  Acts tells the story of how the Spirit of Christ worked through the Apostles during the earliest days of the church and has many insights for us today as we seek to be Christ’s faithful followers.
  • The Journeys Class is reviewing and discussing 20 Teachable Virtues: Practical Ways to Pass on Lessons of Virtue and Character to Your Children.  They will share stories, struggles, and tactics on parenting and raising ethical young men and women.
  • Back to Basics Class is continuing their study from Formations, a week-to-week study of a Bible scripture and exploration of possible ways to respond.  They are studying: Holy Living (March), and The Resurrection and the Life (April).
  • The Out of the Box class consists of adults eager to learn from scholars on a number of historical and theological topics relevant to faith through viewing DVD series and discussing their content and implications.  Currently they are learning from historian and teacher Ray Vander Laan in a Bible Study series called That the World May Know.

American Baptist Women:

American Baptist Women’s Ministries is a diverse community of American Baptist women and girls serving in ministry in Christ’s name. With local, area, region/state, and national levels of ministry, AB Women’s Ministries creates a community of passionately faithful, mission-minded women and girls engaged in worship, service, and friendship.

Prairie ABW Circles: Prairie Circles include, TLC, and Women in Today’s World. These two Circles meet throughout the school year to learn, share, and serve together as part of the greater American Baptist Women’s ministry.

May 4 – ABW Project Dinner 6:00 p.m. – Proceeds support the Baptist University of Congo.  The theme verse is taken from Philippians 3:16 – However, let us keep living by that same standard to which we have attained.  The vision is “to train men and women of integrity who will be able to build the nation in a rural environment.

Prairie Horizons:

Prairie Horizons is an adult fellowship group which seeks to build relationships and outreach by providing activities in the areas of service, education, travel, music, mission, enrichment, appreciation of nature, and entertainment.

Caring Connections:

The purpose of Caring Connections is to expand Prairie’s ability to provide a caring response to needs within our congregation, by organizing a network of volunteers which connects people to serve and support one another.   This ministry connects those who want to serve with those in our congregation who need our care.

Music and Musicians

Music and Musicians

Prairie appreciates music and the gifts musicians have to share. Our worship services and special music presentations offer a variety of opportunities for musicians to share. For more information contact Sara McClure:

Kay and MelodyKay Lopez and Melody Stroth serve as our very gifted staff organists and pianists. Melody and Kay play in worship, for special events, and accompany the Chancel Choir. Prairie is grateful for their long tenured music ministry.

Chancel Choir

This dedicated group of people rehearse regularly.  Their musical offerings enhance worship on a regular basis.  In addition, special works are presented during Advent and Easter.  Choir serves as a small group where caring and prayer support are part of rehearsals.  All are warmly invited to join.


The joyful sound of the handbells playing is an uplifting part of worship.  This group does not meet on a regular basis but come together for a specific time frame before playing in worship.


Band and Orchestral instrumentation is needed throughout the year for worship services, special music offerings, musical presentations, and events, throughout the year.



Prairie is deeply committed to the faith and spiritual development of children and youth. Opportunities to learn, explore, experience, and discover what it means to follow Jesus and grow in faith and knowledge are offered throughout the year. Prairie is also committed to keeping our children and youth safe. All adult leaders must complete a risk management class, be actively involved for 6 months in the life of the congregation, and submit a background screening application in order to serve in either of these areas of ministry.

Prairie Baptist Youth

Opportunities to learn, grow, explore, experience, and discover what it means to be transformed by living the Christian life are offered throughout the year. Contact Rev. Kyle Gardner, Assoc. Pastor for more youth group related information:

Sunday Learning Group:
Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m., 7th through 12th grade youth meet for bible study, spiritual formation, life application, and fellowship. The learning hour is led by a team of leaders who are passionate about partnering with youth in their journey of faith. Bible study and life application lessons invite and welcome questions, while open dialogue focused on scripture and life topics is encouraged.

American Baptist Youth:
4:30 p.m. Sunday Evenings throughout the year youth 7th through 12th grade gather for youth led worship, Group time, and Dinner. Activities vary given the time of year.

Mission Trips
Spring Break and Summer Mission Trips are great opportunities for 7th through 12th grade youth to put their faith into action, serving, learning, and offering themselves to the least of these through meaningful hands-on ministry.

Summer Mission Trip 2017 – July 7-July 16, Nicaragua, trip and travel information will be posted soon.

Youth Cake Auction Fundraising Event, Sunday, April 2, 5 p.m.

Youth Sunday, May 21, 2017, 10: 15 a.m. Youth led worship and recognition of our graduating seniors.

Children's Opportunities

Opportunities for children to explore, experience, and discover what it means to follow Jesus and live the Christian life are offered throughout the year. Please contact Rev. Kathy Pickett for more information at

Sunday Learning Groups

Needs to be completed by KP

Meet Your Neighbor

Children of all faiths meet together to learn about their neighbors and core beliefs and practices of other faiths.  Meet Your Neighbors provides an opportunity to learn, ask questions and make friends in an open and safe environment.

Meet Your Neighbor 2017, June 27 through June 30. More information coming soon


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Special Events

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Worship and Children

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Get Involved

The ministry areas listed below are in need of volunteer support. If you are interested in serving in these areas offering and sharing your support in whatever way you can, please contact the church office at to connect with the appropriate staff liaison.

Worship Ministry

  • Find and send picture images online in support of worship themes, topics, and scripture.
  • Participate in creative worship arts: banners, altar table, theme and series related visuals.
  • Read scripture during worship or special events.
  • Share the Children’s Time on a rotational basis.
  • Explore training in sound and tech booth opportunities.
  • Serve Communion.


Children’s Ministry

All children volunteers must actively participate in Prairie ministries for six months, participate in a risk management training course, and pass a background check prior to volunteering with children and youth.

  • Summer Sunday School teacher/leader.
  • Children’s Sunday School substitute.
  • Children’s Church Worship volunteer.
  • Summer Ministry Programming.
  • Children’s ministry opportunities throughout the year.
  • Keep worship bags filled and updated.
  • Support holiday events.
  • Other?


Adult Spiritual Formation and Discipleship

  • Receive group facilitation/teaching training.
  • Teach/lead adult Sunday School.
  • Offer a small group learning opportunity.
  • Start a support group or fellowship group.


Community Life

  • Teach/facilitate a community class; health, knitting, scrap booking, theology, book group, cooking, other?
  • Take blood pressures once a month.
  • Community Care: write notes, contact folks, make visits, partner with staff in caring for our community, prayer chain.
  • Support Holiday and Special events.
  • Partner with other groups to provide kitchen help, potlucks, table décor and set-up.
  • Love to bake for special events and needs.
  • Be trained as a group facilitator for small groups.
  • Start a small interest group.
  • Partner with others in creation care.



  • Door greeter, Sunday School hour, worship, special events.
  • Guest guide for Sunday mornings and special events, helping guests find their way in the building.
  • Write follow-up notes to guests who leave their contact information.


Building and Grounds

These jobs can be done alone, or in partnership with other interested folks.

  • Weeding – 75th street side/west entrance area
  • Clean under pew pads
  • Sharpen pencils in pews
  • Close the building on Sundays – lights off throughout building/75th Street door locked.
  • Brush clearing.
  • Cleaning the pews of leftover bulletins, etc.
  • Window cleaning (not all but picking a section or part of building) – inside and, if possible, outside.



  • Provide financial stewardship help to individuals or a group.
  • Partner in the creative thinking and implementation of meaningful stewardship campaigns.
  • Earth Day.
  • Worship in the Park.


Big Event Partner

  • Will volunteer to help big event planning, oversight, décor, kitchen help, cooking, etc.


Community Outreach and Invitation

  • Developing local community relationships: school, businesses, neighbors, etc.
  • Prayer walks.
  • Developing promotional materials.
  • Creative special outreach events.



  • Receive training to serve in our Interfaith Housing Network ministry.
  • Discover ways to be more involved in systemic justice work.
  • Explore volunteer opportunities in the social service organizations we support.
  • Help plan an adult, family, or intergenerational mission trip.