Cancellation of School Policy

PECC cancels programs whenever the Shawnee Mission School District closes school due to weather.  Therefore, if the Shawnee Mission School District is closed, PECC is closed.   It is the parent’s responsibility to listen to your local television/radio station on snowy and icy days to learn of Shawnee Mission school cancellations or visit the Shawnee Mission website.

Parents will be notified by PECC staff only if our parking lot or building is considered to be a danger to children, parents, and staff (i.e.  icy conditions in the parking lot, a gas leak or water problem at the church, etc.).   NOTE: Because we are a non-profit organization and we need to meet our budget needs, PECC does not make up days due to cancellation or provide credit for days due to cancellation of school and parents will be expected to pay for them.