General Information


We love to celebrate and enjoy parties!   We have parties on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter.  A sign-up sheet will be provided for parents to sign-up for special party days.  Parents will be asked to help supply treats, paper goods and juice (please remember to not bring any RED or PURPLE juice products because they stain the carpets).  NO CUPCAKES OR PEANUT/NUT FOODS PLEASE!


Birthdays are important and we want to celebrate your child’s birthday at PECC.  If your child’s birthday is in the summer, please arrange to celebrate a ½ birthday during the school year.  Treats may be brought and the teachers will plan to make your child’s day a very special one at school.  Cookies, fruit, cheese cubes, doughnuts/doughnut holes or rice krispie treats are very popular birthday treats that the children prefer.  NO CUPCAKES OR PEANUT/NUT FOODS PLEASE! To honor your child’s special day, he/she may wish to add a book to the school’s library.  A picture of your child in the book with his/her name will help everyone know that this was a very special gift.  IF YOU WISH TO HAVE A PARTY OUTSIDE OF SCHOOL, PLEASE SEND INVITATIONS BY MAIL OR CALL THE PARENTS OF THE CHILDREN YOU WISH TO INVITE BY PHONE.  ALL CHILDREN LOVE TO ATTEND PARTIES AND IT’S VERY DIFFICULT FOR THOSE WHO ARE NOT INVITED!!!!!!!


Parents are always welcome!  Please let the director or teachers know if you would like to help at one of our holiday parties, fund-raisers, or programs.  We schedule events to include the family during the school year.  There is a Meet and Greet Open House in August before school starts.

Unenrolled Children Visiting:

Because of the tremendous responsibility PECC feels for its children, visitors who are not enrolled are discouraged from attending.  The State of Kansas requires that children in our care have a health form, notarized form, and an enrollment form on file.  Visitors would be considered in our care and would need the same forms along with a fee of $21.00 per session.

Such a special request would require approval from the Director.


Prairie Early Childhood Center (PECC) takes the issue of confidentiality very seriously.  The families of our students entrust PECC with important information relating to their children and their lives in general.   The nature of these relationships requires maintaining the confidentiality of this information.   In safeguarding information, PECC earns the respect and further trust of all with whom we interact.

Each person is responsible for protecting the confidentiality of all information they may know or learn about our students or their families.   Therefore, all PECC personnel and volunteers assisting in a classroom or on a project must read and comply with the PECC Confidentiality Policy.


To help PECC’s budget and the environment, our center’s written communication will be mostly paperless.  Parents will still receive written daily notes home for PDO I and PDO II, but a majority of our written communication (i.e. the PECC Parent Handbook, newsletters, information regarding most special events, etc.) can be found on the Prairie Baptist Church website: and click on the Prairie Early Childhood Center menu.

Written Request:

Any request for a change in your child’s programming, tuition receipt needs, notification of person(s) picking up your child, notification or change in your child’s diet, allergies or any information that you wish to share should be put in written form and given to the teacher and/or director.


At PECC the safety of our children is the number one priority.   For this reason, PECC staff and volunteers will promote healthy play within its classroom, during activities and on the playground.  Toys in the classroom will be:  versatile; allow children to use their imagination; promote respectful, non-stereotyped, non-violent interactions among children’s and most generally not be linked to video games, television or movies.  Children will be discouraged from bringing toys from home to PECC classrooms.  The exception will be for those needing a special comfort item for nap or transition time.  PECC is not responsible for toys that are brought from home.

Separation Anxiety

Please drop your child off at the door and do NOT linger. It helps control congestion and makes the transition smoother for children who are experiencing separation anxiety.  Allowing the child to go into the room alone fosters a sense of independence and well-being in the child. If your child is crying when you leave, you are welcome to call the director and she will go to your child’s classroom to see how he/she is coping. Many times the child’s tears have dried up before parents leave the parking lot; however, the parent’s tears have not. So please call if you have experienced a difficult separation. It is our experience that the longer you linger, the more stressful it is for you and your child.