Parents Day Out/Extended Session

For Ages 16 Months and Walking- 6 Years

Our PDO program, an outreach ministry of Prairie Baptist Church, is designed to make the child’s experience at our center a positive one.  Our nurturing staff (representing many years of experience) provides a structured program that includes free play, music, art, snack, fine and gross motor development activities, language development, Bible stories, and self-worth.  Level II (2’s & 3’s) and Level III (4’s & 5’s) programs reinforce many of the concepts being taught in our preschool/pre-kindergarten.  We want the child to enjoy his/her day at PDO, and we strive to provide a positive loving environment for each child.

Many times parents have questions, concerns, or suggestions.  Please contact the Director during school hours or at home.  Karen Fenton can be reached by phone at 913.236.7067 (PECC) or 913.381.4918 (home) or by email:

Our Parents Day Out program is fully licensed by the State of Kansas.

Parents Day Out Hours and Schedule

All levels meet Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.  Children enrolled in Preschool/Pre-kindergarten may extend the day.    A calendar for the school year will be given to each family at Open House or the First Day of School.  This calendar is also available on our website.

PDO I:    A parent may choose to enroll his/her child for half day but will be responsible for paying for tuition for a full day.

PDO II/Preschool Prep: PECC will reserve three slots daily for half day enrollment.   When the four half day slots are filled a parent may choose to enroll his/her child for a half day but will be responsible for paying tuition for a full day.

Note:      Children enrolled in a half day should be picked up at 11:30 a.m. and do not eat lunch at the center.

Safety Precautions


  • PDO I (16 months-2 1/2 years): Enter through the church doors on the west side of the building
  • PDO II/Preschool Prep (2 1/2 – 3 years): Enter through the preschool door with the awning marked PRESCHOOL
  • PDO III (4-5 years): Personally escort your child to the classroom door where he/she will be greeted by a teacher.  Never let a child walk into the building by himself/herself.   If you need assistance due to illness, sleeping children, or injury, please call the center and the Director will escort your child to his/her classroom.

PDO I and PDO II/Preschool Prep parents:   Please put your name and the phone number where you can be reached during the day on the sign in sheets by the classroom doors in the PDO hallways.  PDO III children, please sign in on the class sheet where your child will end his/her day.  PLEASE KEEP THE DIRECTOR/TEACHERS INFORMED OF ANY CHANGES IN EMERGENCY NAMES AND PHONE NUMBERS, PHYSICIAN, HOSPITAL PREFERENCE, AND ALLERGIES OR MEDICATIONS, etc.

Please follow the security procedures when arriving late to Parents Day Out.

Pacifier Policy

*Pacifiers will be used, with the parent’s permission, to soothe children.

*Parents will sign a permission form for their child to receive a pacifier while their child
is in the care of PECC staff.

*Parents will give special instructions for PECC staff, stating how and when the pacifier
should be used by their child.

*Parents (of children who use pacifiers) will be given a copy of the Center’s Pacifier

*Pacifiers will be discarded when the staff notices a tear, crack or if there is unknown
fluid in the nipple before each use.

*The parent may send in extra pacifiers to use in place of defective ones. PECC does
not provide or furnish pacifiers.

*Pacifiers should be labeled with non-toxic markers or waterproofed labels.

*Staff will clean each pacifier with soap and water before each use.

*Pacifiers will not be tied, pinned or clipped to a child’s clothing.

*Pacifiers will not be coated in any sweet solutions and will be stored in the open air
and will not be stored near the diapering area, diapering items or other children’s
personal items.

Other Helpful Information

Naptime and Rest Time

Nap time

The State of Kansas requires that nap/rest time be provided for children 3 years and under. Parents are to provide a LABELED sheet and nap favorites (pacifier, stuffed toy, cloth diaper, etc). We will send bed linens home daily so we can disinfect cots. A crib sheet, blanket and whatever your child sleeps with at home should be brought each day your child attends Level I PDO (16 months-2 1/2 years). A twin or full sheet and whatever your child sleeps with at home should be included in your child’s bag for Level II PDO (2 1/2 years -3 years). Each PDO level will provide additional information regarding nap time. Parents of older children: please notify the staff if your child has outgrown naps or still requires naps. Quiet activities will be provided for children who no longer nap in PDO II.  Parents of nappers will receive a copy of PECC’s sleep policy.

For the child’s comfort and security, your child may bring a favorite LABELED stuffed animal, blanket, pacifier, or picture of family to school. BOTTLES ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Sleep Policy

*PDO I and PDO II/Preschool Prep parents will receive a copy of the Center’s sleep

*Children will always be supervised during naptime.

*The room temperature will be monitored so children will not become overheated.

*The nap room will have adequate lighting during naptime.

*Children will not be permitted to put covers over their head or faces and monitored to
make sure that a child does not have loveys that would be considered a choking

*Each child will have his/her own cot to sleep on during nap time.

*Cots will be disinfected at the end of naptime and bedding and loveys will be sent
home with the child.

*Children using pacifiers will have a pacifier permission form on file.

Snack Time and Lunch Time


PECC will provide a nutritious snack for your child mid-morning.   Please notify PECC immediately if your child has any food allergies or develops an allergy to a particular food.

The teachers will put up sign-up sheets for parents to contribute goodies, juice, and paper products on special party days (Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc.).  NO CUPCAKES PEANUT/NUT FOODS PLEASE!

Classes that have children with different dietary needs:

More enrolled children are requiring diets that are gluten free, peanut/nut free, sugar free, etc.  Due to the higher cost of food, PECC reserves the right to request that parents help supplement snacks that will meet their child’s specific dietary needs.


Parents provide lunches for children attending PDO sessions.   We do have microwaves to heat up foods for your child in PDO I and PDO II/Preschool Prep.   Parents are encouraged to put an ice pack in the lunch pack to keep foods cool and bacteria free.   The Building and Grounds Board of Prairie Baptist Church has asked us not to serve juices that have red or purple dye in them.   These dyes permanently stain our carpets.  In instances where the children bring red or purple juice, the juice will be sent home and your child will be served water.  PDO III/Extended Day use an insulated thermos to keep food warm.

Note:   PDO children, who are enrolled for half days, should be picked up at 11:30 a.m. and do not eat lunch at the center.   Children, who attend Preschool/Prekindergarten and are enrolled in Extended Day, DO eat lunch at the center and parents should send their child with a lunch.


Please send a labeled toothbrush in your child’s lunchbox.  We will be implementing dental hygiene in our curriculum this year.

Clothing and Supplies

Parents will need to send bed linens for nap time, Wet wipes, 2 complete changes of clothes, and extra diapers/pull-ups/underwear. These should be put in your child’s bag along with a jacket or sweater and hats, mittens or gloves for cold weather.

Supply List

Because our storage space has been downsized, we are doing supplies differently this year.  PDO I and PDO II/Preschool Prep will bring supplies in August and PDO III/Extended Day will receive their supply list in October.

  • Each child should bring 1 box of kleenex
  • PDO I:  1 box of baby wipes, 1 box of quart sized freezer Ziploc bags, I container of wax paper, 1 box corn Chex, 1 package cheese cubes.
  • PDO II/Preschool Prep: 1 box of rice Chex, 1 container of Clorox wipes, 1 box of parchment paper, 1 package cheese cubes, 1 box baby wipes

Items to pack for PDO I:

  • LABELED crib sheet, wet wipes, diapers, change of clothes including shoes and socks, special blanket, pacifier, lovey, etc.
  • LABELED lunchbox, containers, feeding utensils, toothbrush in lunch box, and always a sippy cup.  NO BOTTLES.

Items to pack for PDO II/Preschool Prep:

  • LABELED crib sheet, wet wipes, diapers or underwear, change of clothes including shoes and socks to be used for illness, toileting accidents, wet clothing due to spills.
  • LABELED lunchbox, containers, feeding utensils, toothbrush in lunch box and sippy cup.

Items to pack for PDO III:

  • LABELED change of clothes and underwear to be used for illness, toilet accidents, wet clothing due to spills.
  • LABELED lunchbox, utensils, cups, toothbrush in lunch box, and containers.

Toilet Training

Children who are working on toilet training will need to wear pull-ups until they are completely trained. This requirement is not only for sanitation and health reasons, but to also meet the guidelines of the Health Department. Urine and feces carry undesirable bacteria, therefore, we must keep our environment as bacteria free as possible. Many times children are successful at home in their toileting, but they continue to have accidents at PDO. This can be frustrating for parents, but this is just another level that the child must achieve in the toilet training process. Some parents refer to the pull-ups that the child wears to PDO as their child’s Big Boy School Pants or Big Girl School Panties and this has worked well for several children who are in the process of toilet training.

Daily Notes Home

Children in PDO I and PDO II/Preschool Prep levels will receive a daily note summarizing what the art activity was, if the child played outdoors/indoors, how the child’s day was, special activities that occurred, whether the child napped/rested, etc.


Parents will receive tuition slips at the beginning of the month.   Unless special arrangements are made with the Director, tuition is due at the beginning of the month.  Checks are to be made payable to PECC.  Cash is also accepted.

Parents are responsible for paying when there child is absent.  Make up days are not guaranteed and depend upon availability.   One makeup day per month can be requested provided that the parent has called PECC by 8:00 a.m. the morning of the absence.    No shows will not receive the opportunity to request a makeup day.   When a teacher contacts a parent that a date is available for makeup and the parent declines, the parent will be given only one more opportunity to make up that day.  PECC does have an answering machine for you to leave messages twenty-four hours per day or parents may e-mail the director at

Please let the Director know in writing that you will need a receipt for tuition and the Director will e-mail your receipt. Tuition for the September-December:    Each day is counted from the first day of PDO through Winter Break (days when PDO is closed are not counted).   The total number of days is divided by four months to determine the monthly tuition fee (i.e.  17 Mondays divided by 4, etc.).   The same method is done for the months January through May except the total days are divided by five months. This method allows for the monthly tuition to be the same amount September through December or January through May.

A $20.00 fee will be charged to the parent for checks that are returned due to insufficient funds.  There is no refund for August/September tuition.

Discipline Policy

PECC’s mission is to provide a positive atmosphere in a Christian setting where children will build feelings of self-worth and feel good about themselves and about being at PDO.   PECC believes that discipline should be handled so the child knows that he/she is loved even if his/her behavior is not appropriate.  Negative discipline is not tolerated, and the staff will not belittle, threaten, or use inconsistent or unfair consequences.  The staff will help the child accept responsibility for his/her behavior, rather than dwell on what the child should not do.

Corporal punishment will never be used, and if the policy is violated, an investigation will begin immediately.  Verbal abuse, spanking, hitting, kicking, pushing, jerking, pinching, will not be tolerated.

PDO I:       Discipline for the children 16 months through 2 ½ years is distraction or redirection.

PDO II/Preschool Prep:     Discipline for the children 2 ½ through 3 is redirection.   A safe place in the classroom may be used (where the child can calm down) if the child is being overly aggressive and cannot be redirected or distracted. Children are encouraged to use their words rather than hitting, kicking, pushing, etc.   Depending on the child’s developmental level, children are encouraged to think of ways to resolve the concern/conflict.

PDO III:     Redirection and problem-solving are normally used.   A safe place in the classroom may be used (where the child can calm down) when redirection and problem-solving have not been effective.  Children are encouraged to help resolve the conflict or behavior by using their words and discussing options or solutions that would help change the behavior.