Happy September!
The halls are bustling with children! New relationships are developing, old friendships are strengthening and the children are learning that PECC is a wonderful environment to be in. September brings less tears, more interactions, smiles and the discovery that our center is fun, that creativity and curiosity are encouraged and the understanding that our teachers are loving and nurturing.
Parents are encouraged to read any information that is sent home, found on our website, emailed to or texted to you by the PECC staff. Communications and collaboration between home and the center is so important. Not only is it essential parents read information from the center, but it is also imperative that parents keep the staff informed. Please let us know of any diseases, deaths, family stresses or concerns that might affect your child. We truly care and we want to make you and your child’s experience at PECC a pleasant one.
The world of early childhood is fascinating. The children’s enthusiasm and boundless energy is contagious! Each child blesses us and we are so grateful that you have entrusted your precious little ones with us!!!
I look forward to seeing you in the halls!
Karen Fenton

The activity fee provides PECC the opportunity to bring in educational programs that are designed for young children. Storyteller Jo Ho, Ernie Miller Nature Center, Happy Bear, Mad Science, Stretch and Grow and Wings of Love will be participating at PECC during the upcoming school year. Children enrolled in PECC programming are encouraged to attend these wonderful events. If an event occurs on a day a child does not attend, parents can bring their child and enjoy the educational fun. The cost is $30.00 per family for the upcoming school/PDO year. The Activity Fee is due on Friday, September 5.

Saturday, September 6 from 9:00 to 10:30 a.m.
Bring your muscles and enthusiasm! This is a great opportunity to meet PECC parents, help spread mulch and put new sand in our sand box. The efforts of our parents will make our playground safer and more enjoyable for the children. Please bring your wheelbarrow, shovel or rake if you own one. The center does not offer childcare for playground workday. For safety reason, it is recommended that children do not attend or participate on Saturday.

Parking Lot Safety
To keep our parking lot and children safe please make sure that:
>Children are not left unattended in vehicles
>Children should not play in the parking lot
>Purses or valuables are not left in vehicles
>Drivers be mindful that children are in the area and should proceed with caution

Prairie Village’s Peanut Butter Week for Harvesters
October 6-10
PECC will be participating in the city of Prairie Village’s annual peanut butter drive for Harvesters. PECC is encouraging parents to bring at least one 16 ounce jar of peanut butter to donate to Harvesters. Your generosity will be appreciated by the 1 in 7 persons that are hungry in the metropolitan area!

Toilet Paper Challenge for the Kansas City Rescue Mission
Prairie Baptist Youth will be participating in the Toilet Paper Tower Challenge, benefitting Kansas City Rescue Mission (KCRM), a ministry for homeless women and men. The youth will design a unique and creative structure out of toilet paper with the goal of winning a trophy for their masterpiece. After the competition the packaged toilet paper will be donated to KCRM. If you would like to donate toilet paper for the KCRM challenge, please place your donation in the tubs that will be located in the Preschool Hallway, the PDO II hallway and the PDO I hallway. Toilet paper will be collected from September 1 to October 3.

Thank you for sharing your precious children with us! We are very honored to be your child’s early childhood teacher(s)!!!!