PDO I Newsletter

January has flown by so quickly! Although we haven’t seen much snow, the cold has kept us inside anyway. We have made the best of it with lots of running games in the Big Room. For crafts we have painted mittens by driving car wheels through paint. We have also made shaving cream snowmen, fingerprint snowflakes and winter trees. The children have been learning “The Chubby Little Snowman” rhyme, too.

February is always a special time as we prepare for Valentine’s Day. We will make some heart necklaces and tissue paper valentine hearts. We will celebrate Valentine Parties on Thursday, the 11th, and Friday, the 12th. Please be watching for the Valentine treat sign-up sheet on our bulletin board in the PDO 1 hallway. The children who attend on Thursday and Friday will decorate a sack to collect Valentines from their classmates. Your child may bring 10 Valentines to share with their classmates if you wish. Just sign your child’s name — there is no need to address them.

Since February is also Dental Health month, we will read some stories that address the importance of caring for our teeth and do an art project to reinforce what we have learned.

It is that time of year again to enroll for the upcoming school year. Enrollment forms will be sent home the week of February 1st. Please complete and return them quickly to be assured of the days you would like for next fall. Summer enrollment forms will be sent home after Spring Break.

Happy birthday to Thomas Breneman, Winston Krsnich and Oliver Matthews who will turn two in February!

As always, we are enjoying your children. They have grown so much since the beginning of the school year. It is a delight to see all the progress they have made and the development of each of their unique personalities.

Ms. Nancy F., Ms. Kerri, Ms. Maureen, Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Nancy D.