PDO II Newsletter

As Thanksgiving approaches, we have much to be thankful for! We are especially thankful that you have chosen to share your children with us. It is such a blessing to get to know each child and to watch them learn and grow. We are also grateful for the many new friendships that are emerging in PDO II. As the children begin to build friendships and play with one another, we are encouraging social skills like taking turns and sharing.

October was an exciting month for PDO II! The first week of October, we focused on appropriate play and cooperation. We spread out a large sheet of paper and all the children worked together by coloring, adding stickers, and stamping the paper to make a beautiful collage. We also discussed the many things that begin with the letter “E” and looked through the objects in our letter “E” tub.

The following week, our focus was on the letter “F” and we made frog puppets. The children enjoyed dot painting the paper bags and adding fly stickers to them. We also talked about fall and read The Leaves on the Trees, The Busy Little Squirrel, and One Windy Day. We sang “Autumn Leaves are Falling Down” and the children enjoyed imitating leaves falling down, raking a pile, and jumping in the pile.

For letter “G” week, we dot painted ghosts and looked at the objects in our letter “G” tub.

The last week of October, we focused on the letter “H” and painted with Q-tips to make Halloween hats. We read the Halloween books, One Witch, Little Boo, My First Halloween, and Woo, the Not-So-Scary-Ghost. The children are all very excited for Halloween and have enjoyed telling us about their costumes for Halloween. We are looking forward to seeing them in the Halloween Parade and celebrating with them during our Halloween parties. Thanks to all the parents who contributed items for the parties!

In November, we will take a few weeks off from the letter of the week curriculum, but will cover the letters “I” and “J”. We will also be talking about Thanksgiving and will read Five Silly Turkeys and Thanks For Thanksgiving . The children will also have plenty of opportunities to create art and learn new songs!

In October, we celebrated the birthdays of Kate McGinnis and Alex Gedman! We look forward to celebrating the birthdays of Lily Flurry and Harrison Penke in November!
Once again, we are very thankful for the opportunity to get to care for your children!

Miss Stephanie, Miss Lilli, Miss Brandi and Miss Brandy