PDO II January Newsletter

Happy New Year and welcome back to school! We are happy to see the children return and hear the stories of what they have done while away on Christmas break. We hope you were blessed by your child’s Christmas gift. The children were extremely proud of their picture ornaments and were anxious to give them to you. Speaking of gifts, we’d like to thank each of you for your generosity to the staff. Spending time with your children is gratifying in and of itself. Thank you for being so appreciative of what we do.

December was a busy month! We painted candy canes and wreaths, made nativity scenes and jingle bell necklaces, and decorated Christmas ornaments. Now that we’re past the holiday rush, we’ll talk about a new letter each week beginning with the letter “K.” We will sing songs, read books and create artwork about the winter season as well.

The children have come a long way in listening and following directions since the beginning of the school year. We will continue to work on these skills, especially during story time, in order to prepare them for preschool next fall.

With the cold winter weather our outside playtime is somewhat limited, but we will make certain we get plenty of exercise with our “Get Fit” song in movement class. The children love to imitate animals to the “Animal Action” song and pretend to climb trees and mountains and ford streams with the “Going on a Bear Hunt” song. We’ll dance with the ribbons to the “Color Song” and balance beanbags on our heads as we listen to the “Beanbag Boogie.” Our playtime in the Big Room will also give us an opportunity to work on gross motor skills as we run, ride bikes, tumble and play catch.

We celebrated Gianna Ryan’s birthday in December. This month we will celebrate with Dylan Mak, Patrick McCauley and Kaitlin Schorgl. Happy 3rd birthday to each of you!

Once again, thank you for sharing your beautiful children with us!
Nancy F., Denece, Maureen and Nancy D.