PDO II October Newsletter

Welcome back to school! We’re off to a great start in PDO II. The children are adjusting well to the school routine. It’s a delight to see them interact with one another. At this age they are developing important social skills that they will use throughout their lives. They’re learning to share, take turns and treat one another with consideration. We are working on listening and following directions too. This is also a time for the children to take another step in independence as they become toilet-trained. They take pride in simple tasks such as the ability to put on their own shoes, wash their hands, or clean up after themselves. We’re there to cheer them on and offer them the encouragement they need to get to the next step.

They are also extremely proud of the artwork they create at school. This month we’ve painted apples and made alligators for letter “A” week. For letter “B” we decorated the letter with buttons and bows and made beehives with thumbprint bumblebees. During “C” week we made shaving cream clouds and colorful caterpillars. Letter “D” week found us stamp painting dinosaurs and making ducks. We finished out the month with letter “E” with elephant finger puppets and marble painted eggs. We’re learning to sit quietly during story time, then dance and get our wiggles out during music and movement.

We’re looking forward to the beautiful autumn season and all the fun that goes along with it. We will be painting colorful leaves, turning pumpkins into jack-o-lanterns, and reading some wonderful stories about the season.

On a housekeeping note, we want to inform you that instead of the daily note, we will be posting our daily activities in the hall for you to read at pick up time. We will continue to send a brief note home with nap times and any personal comments each day.

In August and September we’ve celebrated the third birthdays of Matthew and Tommy Hoffman, Katie Wiebe, Isaac Brown, Lyla Aldridge, Ellis Briley, Hannah Carr and Cameron Reyes. We will celebrate with Hank Affolter in October. Congratulations to Patrick McCauley on the birth of his sister, Maureen.

Ms. Denece, Ms. Nancy D., Ms Nancy F., and Ms. Maureen