PDO II/Preschool Prep April Newsletter

PDO II/Preschool Prep:

March came and went so fast we barely recognized it! It was a short month due to spring break, but a good and productive one. We explored the letters T, U, and V. We painted tulips, turtles and trees, learned about the direction “up” for the letter U, read stories about the ocean underwater, and made vase, vegetable, and vine pictures for the letter V. During April we will explore the letters W, X, Y, and Z. We will have done the entire alphabet by the end of April!

We have almost completed our school year, and it has been a wonderful journey having watched your children transform into preschoolers. They have become wonderful listeners during our structured activities and have become caring friends to one another. They have grown physically, and their language has taken off. We love the conversations we have with your precious children. What a joy to hear of a new pair of shoes, a new shirt or dress, or a trip to the zoo or to grandma and grandpa’s house. We welcome hearing their excitement as they share their lives with us.

On the note of the school year coming to a close, we have begun enrollment for our 7 week summer session, which begins Tuesday, June 3rd. If you plan to enroll but have not yet done so, you may mail the forms or bring them directly to Karen as soon as possible to ensure your child’s place.

During April we will enjoy Easter with stories, music and art work which reflect the meaning of this beautiful season. Now that the weather has finally included some warmth and sunshine, we will be spending our playtime outside each day, running and jumping and digging and sliding. Our captivating story teller, Jo Ho, will come on Thursday, April 24th to share the tale of “These Boots Are Made For Talkin”. This month we will celebrate the 40th anniversary of PECC on the weekend of Saturday, April 26th, and Sunday April 27th. More information will be coming home about these dates and the events. We hope you will join us for this time of celebration!

Congratulations to Kennedy Crawford and her family on the birth of Kennedy’s baby brother!

And a very happy birthday to the children who turned three in March: Emmett Kiefer, James Nelson, Sawyer MacKay, and Hailey Wessel. Happy Birthday to Judson Hilt, who turns three in April!

Love and Blessings!
Ms. Doreen, Ms. Brandy H., Ms. Brandi S.