PDO III January Newsletter

WELCOME BACK and HAPPY NEW YEAR! We certainly missed all of our friends, but pray that each of you had a magical and meaningful Christmas holiday filled with special memories, joy, and love. It was very exciting to see all of the children our first day back, and for them to see each other. There is nothing more heart warming than a child wrapping their arms around you for a big hug and telling you how much they missed you. Everyone was so patient going around the circle and telling us what their favorite gift was that they received. All of the kiddos faces were simply beaming!

BRRRR! January is here and with the start of the month comes the cold winter weather. It seemed only appropriate that we begin by making our giant snow people for our classroom bulletin board. The children really love making these snow friends come to life by using a creative mixture of shaving cream and glue to paint them. When the paper dries, they appear “puffy” and the texture is so COOL…(literally). Other highlights include a unit on ice experiments (including acting out “The Mitten” by Jan Brecht), and a PDO III favorite, Stuffed Animal Week, where the children can bring a special stuffed friend to school with them!

Happy January birthdays to our friends Austin and Jack Durbin, Wyatt Grant, and Cadence Burns!!

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW for our PDO III Program on Wednesday, February 11th, and Thursday, February 12th, at 9:00 a.m. in the Big Room. The kiddos have been working very hard on a few songs that they would like to share with you. They are simply a joy to watch! Such talented children we have at PECC!! This is an informal gathering and should last around 20 minutes. Don’t forget to bring your cameras.

As always, thank you for the privilege of working with your precious children. If you ever have questions, comments, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

In partnership,
Ms. Lori, Ms. Janet, & Ms. Rebecca