Kindergarten Prep Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

The closing month of our school year will be filled with many fun activities and celebration of a fantastic year. We will make special gifts for our moms, have Camp ­Out Day, Beach Day, Super­Star Day and our Spring Program.

Our Spring Program will be on Wednesday, May 25th in the Sanctuary. It is a time for the children to show you all the things the children have learned. It is a great celebration and I look forward to seeing each of you. There will be a reception of cookies and punch in the Big Room after the program.

Thanks for a great year, for all the support and encouragement. It has been greatly appreciated.

Ms. Brandi’s Class

May is here and we are entering the last month of school. This is when I look back to see how much these kiddos have grown physically, socially and academically. It has been my pleasure to teach your child and get to know each and every family. I was very blessed to have families that were repeats in my class. It is always fun to have someone I taught in PDO I or II again or to have a sibling of a past student.

May will be full of fun, but wasn’t the whole year!?! We will wrap up the alphabet with Xx, Yy and Zz then review over the last few weeks letters and numbers. We will also have some special days like Beach Day and Super Star Day and wrap up our year with our end of year program on May 25th at 9:00 a.m. in the church sanctuary.

Thank you for everything this year from providing supplies, snacks or even a few minutes of your time to chat. Whether you will be moving onto kindergarten next year or be in Ms. Janet’s class you are always welcome to stop by to say “Hi” or email me on how your child is doing. My main goal is for your child to continue to enjoy once leaving my class by laying the foundation for them to succeed.

There are several kids turning 5 in the next few months. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Josh will celebrate in May. June is 5 time for Izzy, Luke, Sage and Isaiah. Kai and Easton will be celebrating in July!

Wishing you a wonderful and safe summer!