Kindergarten Prep Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

What a great start to the school year.  The students have adjusted well to our Kinder-Prep routine and are enjoying all of our activities.  Our Olympic theme to start the year was filled with art, science, stories and games related to shapes and colors of the Olympic Rings.  Receiving Olympic Learner Gold Medals was a highlight of the week!

Our letters in September were Aa, Bb, and Cc.  We learned about animals, apples and took a pretend trip to Australia.  We put the first stamp in our Passports as we began our travels to the 7 Continents.  Our theme for Letter Bb was “Bears in Books.”  We read a variety of books and even wrote our own story; a sequel to the 3 Bears titled, “What Happened to Goldilocks?”  We watched a video about Corduroy and had a crazy thing happen with our Teddy Bear Day Picnic.  For letter Cc we mixed colors and celebrated everyone’s favorite Big Red Dog – Clifford.

Library Day is always popular with the students.  Ms. Twyla came to read to our class and brought her wagon so we could check out the specially selected books.  The change to fall weather has made being outside more pleasant and fun.  We’ve also enjoyed being with Ms. Emily’s class in Music and learning new songs.  We continue to practice listening and following directions.  Doing the daily work in our Fall Journals is giving us practice to further develop our fine-motor skills.

October letters will be Dd, Ee, Ff and Gg.  We will be learning about Dinosaurs, doing “eggsperiments,” practicing our fire-safety rules and determining the difference between real vs. make-believe with goblins and ghouls.  Our special events in October include Dad’s Nights, Jo Ho the Storyteller, Mad Science and Hearing/Speech Screenings.

I am looking forward to conferencing with each of you on Friday, October 28 at our Kinder-Prep Conferences.  Remember there will be NO KINDER-PREP that day.

Monday, October 31st will be our PECC Halloween Parade.  It will begin at 9:00 am.

Thanks for sharing your delightful children with me.

Happy Birthday to Hannah Carr!

Ms. Emily’s classes

We have had a great start to the school year!  I’ve enjoyed getting to know each and every child in my classes, and I hope they have had as much fun as I have.  We have already touched on many topics that we will be continuing throughout the school year.

We started our year off by getting back into the groove of school.   We explored our new friendships and the world wide community through activities about the Olympics.

In September, we started with the letters Aa, Bb, and Cc.  We talked about many topics associated with those letters, such as apples, alligators, astronauts, bears, butterflies, clouds, cars, and more!  We also took our first continental trip to Australia.  The kids enjoyed hopping like kangaroos!

In October, we will work with the letters Dd, Ee, Ff, and Gg.  We are going to do some crafts about dinosaurs, experiments with eggs, learn about fire safety, and discuss ghosts and other Halloween things.  On October 31st, there will be a school wide Halloween Parade!

No matter what our topic is, we will continue to work on our fine motor skills in our journals and continue to work together in our learning through both individual and group activities, to help your child be well rounded for their next big step into Kindergarten!

I look forward to conferencing with you on October 28th at Parent/Teacher Conferences.  There is no Kinder Prep on conference day.  I’m excited for a wonderful rest of our school year!!