Kindergarten Prep February Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

Oh to be able to get outside at the end of January.  It is something we are thankful for each day we are allowed to go.  What a blessing it has been but we know that it is still winter and there will be days of being stuck inside.  We make the best and are grateful for our Big Room.

Our letters in February will be Oo and Pp.  We will be using our new passports to take us to the Antarctic and Asia.  We visited Africa in January.  We will continue to work each day in our journals or Alphabet Workbooks.  It is great to see how the children’s fine-motor skills are improving.  We are also doing worksheets using 3-step processing.  Mom’s Nights will be February 4th and 11th at 6:30 pm.  It is always wonderful getting to see parent and child having fun together.

For Letter Oo we will concentrate on learning about the Ocean through art, songs, activities and books.  We will do some “oxygen” experiments and play an opposites game.  We learned about synonyms when reading “The Napping House.”  For letter Pp we will be mixing colors to make pink and purple, wearing our pajamas to school and eat pancakes.  We will also learn about Presidents’ Lincoln and Washington.  I will be doing further testing in preparation for our Parent-Teacher Conferences at the end of February.

I am making an effort to communicate more information, more frequently to you via email and I appreciate the positive responses I have received from you.

“Mystery Readers” will start up in February.  Look for a sign-up outside the classroom or email me with your desire to surprise your child at school to read a book to the class.  This is open to parents, grandparents alike.

As we head into the month of March and the season of Spring, we will working on letters Qq by making a math-based 9-patch friendship quilt.  Rodeo Day will be held before we leave for Spring Break and everyone is encouraged to wear their best western!!!  We will square-dance and eat cowboy packets for snack.

The school-year is flying by and I am enjoying each moment we have learning together.  I am also keeping the focus on getting the students ready for their next academic step.  For some, this is a big step into Kindergarten–a big step for them and and an even bigger step for you as parents.  Isn’t it great we don’t have to go this journey alone!!!

Happy Birthday in February to Anna, Sawyer and Nicholas and Happy Birthday in March to Gabe, Lauren and Ila,

Ms. Brandi’s classes

February is here and if only the weather could be as great as it was in January. In February, we will wrap up the letter Nn then focus on Oo and Pp.  We are doing more and more phonics in class where we are listening for the sounds in the word not just at the beginning.  Our fine motor skills are taking off with our handwriting books and a lot of cutting activities.  I have seen an increase in staying on task in various activities in the day and I know it is due these fine motor activities.

February is full of fun and learning too.  We will enjoy Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and Pajama Day this month as well as a live bird show with Wings of Love (granted I sit as far away from the birds as possible each year but the kids love it).  We will be involved in testing to help prepare me for conference day at the end of the month.  Kindergarten readiness is so much more than knowing your ABCs and 123s.  There are many aspects beyond the academic to make for a successful kindergartener like body control, respect for others and self-regulation.

In March, we will focus on the letter Qq, Rr, Ss, and Tt.  We will q-tip paint, make tarts, rainbows and tulips. We will have a Rodeo Day, learn about personal safety with Happy Bear, read some fun Shel Silverstein poems and have a teeny tiny day.

Wow, we are really on the downhill slide for this school year and it has been my pleasure to watch each child grow.  A lot of great friendships have blossomed.  I enjoy each child’s unique personality that helps make our group complete. I am looking forward to these last few months with them.

Happy 5th Birthday in March to Madelyn Keene, Audrey Moll, Madeline Maret and Wilson Wheat!!

Ms. Brandi