Kindergarten Prep Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

We are gearing up for my favorite time of the year to teach young children. The beauty of fall, the lessons of friendship and gratitude followed by the magic of Christmas and I get to see it through the eyes of the children.

November will be a busy month. Picture Day is Wednesday, November 4th and Parent – Teacher Conferences on Friday, November 6th. I am excited to tell you all the wonderful things I’ve learned about your student. Our only letter in November will be letter Ii. We’re going to learn about the Wampanoag People who befriended the Pilgrims and shared the First Thanksgiving together. We will share a “Feast” with Ms. Brandi’s class before our break for the holiday.

Our letter in December will be letter Jj and we will learn about Jesus the reason for the Christmas Season. Our theme during December will be “The Songs and Shapes of Christmas.” We will add another stamp in our Passports as we take a trip to Mexico and learn the story of the Poinsettia. Our Christmas Program will be on Friday, December 18th. You are invited to come and hear the children sing their favorite Christmas Songs.

The students continue to hone their letter writing skills in their Alphabet Workbooks each week as well as math, language and reading skills in their journals. Thanks for helping your students with the Concept Bags.

I appreciate all the support and encouragement you give in providing snacks, fresh fruit and other classroom needs. I love all the books I received from the Book Fair.

Happy November Birthday to Tulie Zahner!

Ms. Brandi’s classes

What a Spooktacular October!! Love those Royals!! We had a busy month full of exciting baseball once again (I can get used to this!), plus fun and learning in Kindergarten Prep. The kids have been doing a great job working on their fine motor skills, and learning the letters E, F, G, & H. We enjoyed a lot of Halloween fun too. A highlight this past month was Dad’s Night. We had two great evenings of fun.

As November arrives, we will focus on friendship and cooperation. We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims and Indians learned to work together and became friends by realizing their differences and similarities made them special. We will enjoy a friendship party and play cooperative games. In music, we will pretend to sail on The Mayflower and be an Indian Chief. On November 23rd, we will enjoy a feast with Ms. Becky’s class sharing some yummy snacks. We will also focus on the letter Ii. It may just be a little icky sticky and cold as we do some ice experiments. November will surely fly by.

Thanks to all the parents that donate and help out when we need snacks, Halloween party food, fresh fruit for Fridays and anything else I have requested. I couldn’t do it without you.
Upcoming dates to note: November 4th- Picture Day; November 6th- Conference Day-no Kindergarten Prep this day–I look forward to meeting with all of you; November 25th-27th-PECC closed for Thanksgiving.

There is a food drive all month at PECC. In December, we will collect hats and mittens for those in need.

This is a great group of kiddos! I am blessed!

Happy 5th Birthday in November to Andy Timm and Kayla Bibb!

Happy Thanksgiving!