Kindergarten Prep Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

Writing the last newsletter of the school year for the Kinder¬Prep Class is always bittersweet for me. I am so excited to see how much the children have grown and how prepared they are for the next step on the academic journey and I am also sad to say goodbye to the children and their families, especially those families that will no longer have students at PECC.

The last 2 months of school are some of the busiest of the school year. There are so many things that I want us to do before the end of the year and also springtime is just such a great time to learn new things. We finished up March with learning about the first Easter. Pastor Kathy came to visit us and to share the story of the first Easter. We took a pretend trip to Europe and made wax¬resist eggs and also enjoyed an Easter Egg Hunt. This past week we learned about our 5 Senses. We played hide¬n¬seek with the timer using our hearing, tried to identify foods by their smell and also tasted salty, sweet, sour and bitter and then graphed our favorites. We also put the final stamp in our Passports with a trip to South America.

Our letters in April will be Tt, Uu, Vv, and Ww. We will be learning about transportation and turtles. We will learn about the rain forest when we read “The Umbrella” and the letters Q and U will be getting married with all the pomp and circumstance on Friday, April 15th. We will be making vegetable soup and learn how different vegetables grow and also do some weather experiments. Jo Ho, the Storyteller, will be here on April 13th and “Wings of Love” Bird Show on April 29th.

We will end our school year in May and finish our “letter of the week” curriculum the first week. We will be getting a little “Cra¬Z¬y.” We will then finish the school year with some of my favorite books, Camp Out Day and Beach Day!!! Our Spring Program will be on Wednesday, May 25th and the AM and PM Classes will meet at 8:45 am to then perform our end of the year program in the Sanctuary at 9:00 am. There will be No Kinder¬Prep Class after the program.

It has been such a joy teaching these Kinder¬Prep Classes this year. The students have embraced all of the challenges that I have set before them and they have challenged me to take the learning even further than I had planned. They have made teaching fun!!!

I wish to say thanks to all the parents for all the support and encouragement you have given me and this class this past year. Thanks for all the “extras” that we have needed for our special days and activities. I am so grateful you are all part of our PECC Family.

Happy April Birthdays to Liya Huntley, Olive Kerr and Judson Hilt

Ms. Brandi’s Class

It is always unbelievable to me when we are down to the last 2 months of the school. There has been so much growth in a variety of areas with all the kids.

March went by fast and we enjoyed celebrating Easter and the fact that we have a risen Lord. We will begin this month celebrating Greater Kansas City Day! We will celebrate KC and our World Champions, the Kansas City Royals, on April 1st. Also, we will focus on the letter Tt, Uu, Vv and Ww during this month too. Fine motor skills will continue to be a priority for us as well.

For art, we will make butterflies, bottle flower art, umbrellas and earths. We also, have quite a few special days this month. We will enjoy Jo Ho storyteller, have a wedding for Q & U–since they can’t live without one another, a Harvester’s bake sale and Wings of Love live bird show.

I am sure this month will be full of fun and will go just as quickly as all the other months have. Don’t forget to find out when your school has kindergarten round up, since quite a few school are doing it in April this year.

It has been a blessing to be on this journey with you and your family this school year. I appreciate all the support, donations and any help I have received from you this year. Mystery readers will continue. Let me know if you would like to be one and we can set a date.