Kindergarten Prep October Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes
What a great start to the school year. The children are well adjusted to our routine and are working hard to stay “on track.” We are in full-swing with all of our activities including the library, music and movement, letter bags and beginning our visits to the 7 Continents of the World.
After beginning our school year with a study of outer space, our letters in August/September were Aa, Bb, Cc and Dd. We ended the month learning about Dinosaurs. We enjoyed a Carnivore/Herbivore/Omnivore Buffet and creating our own dinosaur defenses. During letter Cc we explored the world of colors and did several art/science experiments. We read some great “bear” stories during letter Bb. We even wrote class stories (on the next page of this newsletter). We enjoyed apple science, art and math during Letter Aa week.

We took pretend trips to Canada, Mexico and celebrated the United States as we explored North America. We will be learning about South America during the month of October. Our letters will be Ee, Ff, Gg, and Hh. We will learn about elephants, spiders and do some egg and gas experiments. We will talk about what is real vs. make-believe and identify what makes us feel afraid. Of course we will have some Halloween Fun as well.

Several in-school “field trips” will be taking place in October, including Jo Ho the Storyteller and Mad Science. We will be learning about being healthy and wear our favorite hats to school. Our Dads will join us for “Dads’ Nights” and our Halloween Parade will be held on Friday, October 31st. I will also begin some testing of basic preschool skills in preparation for Parent-Teacher Conferences in November.
It is a sincere pleasure to teach here at PECC and to get to know all of you and your children. I am looking forward to a great year!

Happy September birthday to Jack Tucker. Happy October Birthdays to Emily Gardner and Olivia Hepp!

Congratulations to Emily Gardner on the birth of her brother, Benjamin!

“What Happened to Goldilocks?” (A sequel by AM Kindergarten-Prep)

Goldilocks ran through the forest back to her house. Her mother was there and she asked Goldilocks, “Where were you?” Goldilocks answered, “I was at the Bears House.” This made her mother mad and she sent Goldilocks to her room. While in her room she played with 3 stuffed animal bears–acting out what had happened.
After awhile, her mother brought her a snack and said she could get out of her room. She gave her mom a big hug. She went to play with her stuffed animal bird named Robin, inside the house. They played hide-n-seek. While they were playing the bird Robin fell over and got hut. Goldilocks hugged her and she felt better. THE END

“What Happened to Goldilock?” (A sequel by PM Kindergarten-Prep)

After running away from the 3 Bears’ house, Goldilocks ran to her house. Her Mom, Dad and Brother Benjamin were there. They all said, “Welcome Home, and never leave the house again.”
They all sat down to have graham crackers for snack. While eating their friend, James came to their door. He wanted to play hide-n-seek. They all were playing when James got hurt. Goldilocks helped him up and asked if he was ok. He was. So they played toys–red cars with people. Their heads got bonked and they got bandaids. They had porridge and went to bed. They dreamt about baby rainbows, unicorns, angry birds and happy things. THE END.

Ms. Brandi’s Classes
Wow, it is October. We have had a fabulous start to the school year and the children love to learn something new everyday. They are a friendly, happy and helpful group of kiddos. We began our year getting to know one another by sharing our “All About Me” collages. They were fun to do. The letter bag has been a huge hit and as usual, everyone is eager for a turn.

We work on our fine motor skills daily and have covered the letter Aa, Bb, Cc, and Dd so far. I am amazed how much this group knows already. I know I will need to challenge them throughout the year. They love to hear stories and are enjoying the collection by Doreen Cronin. Check out her books sometime.

For art, we have enjoyed easel painting, painting with corn syrup and basically any art project we do they are excited for a turn. I like to do experiments, so this year so far we have done a sink or float experiment and a color mixing experiment. Next month we will do egg and gas experiments. We will cover letters Ee, Ff, Gg and Hh as well.

As we enter into my favorite time of year, Fall, we will begin to sing Halloween songs and do a lot of Fall and Halloween crafts. We will make Fall trees, Jack O’Lanterns, ghosts and bats. We will focus on what is real and what is make believe as we get closer to Halloween. What also makes Fall great is Dad’s Night. The AM class and their dads are invited on October 8th and the PM class on October 15th. Both nights begin at 6:30 p.m. This is such a fun night for kids and their Dads, and it will be a lifetime memory.

Mad Science will be here at 10 a.m. October 20th. All K-Prep kids are invited to attend. October 31st at 9:00 a.m. is our Halloween parade in the sanctuary. All of PECC is invited. November 7th is conference day and there will be no K-Prep that day but PDO is in session.

Congratulations to Caroline Kellen on her new brother, Henry and to Claire Gardner who also has a new brother, Ben! Happy 4th Birthday to Gracie Lynch in August! Happy 5th Birthday to Caroline Kellen, Isaac Bunch and Leah Tucker in September! Happy 5th Birthday in October to Harrison Kroeger and Claire Gardner!

Have a wonderful Fall and blessing to all!