Kindergarten Prep January Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes
Happy New Year! Our first days back and everyone is quickly getting back into the routine of school. It is also the time for us to begin getting hyper-focused and preparing for the transition to Kindergarten. We will be reinforcing letter and letter-sound recognition along with further development of fine-motor skills.

our letters in January will be Kk, Ll, Mm and Nn. Our curriculum focus will be as follows:
Fine Motor — Trace/Cut, 3-Step Directions, Writing Names
Science — Light and Dark, Nocturnal Animals, Animals in Winter, Density
Social Studies — Africa, Martin Luther King, Kansas
Math — Sets of 5, Measuring, Matching
Language Development — Sequencing, Rhyming Words, Synonyms

We will be pursuing these concepts with art activities such as an African Collar, making bread, creating colorful pictures of people for outside our classroom, and science activities of liquid layers. We will read “little” stories and play a matching the mittens game. We will listen, think and do with sets of 5, sequence the “Napping House” story and create a list of synonyms for various words. There will be a variety of pencil-to-paper activities as well.

January can be a long month when we are unable to get outside so we will do a variety of physical activities both in our classrooms and during our movement and music time. We will also continue to work in our Workbooks, Journals and go to the Library. Fresh Fruit Fridays have also started up again!!!

This time of the year the children really begin to put concepts together and translate their learning from one context to another. It is exciting and fun to watch.

Ms. Becky

Ms. Brandi’s Classes
I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas break. January 2015 is now upon us as well as the halfway point of the school year. Kindergarten Round Up will be starting soon. This time of year is when classroom responsibilities and expectations increase a great deal. My goal is for every child to walk into kindergarten with confidence to succeed and an eagerness to learn.

In January, we will focus on the letters Kk, Ll, Mm and Nn as well as matching, rhyming and sequencing stories. We will continue to focus on the number 1-20. Our handwriting workbooks finally arrived right before Christmas and will be all caught up soon. Each day we will do an activity that involves our fine motor skills too. Fine motor skills are essential for a successful kindergartener.

For art, we will make a few different types of snowmen, paint with the easel, koosh balls and Epsom salt. We will also have a Mother Goose day and listen to some fun rhymes. Special activities this month include making muffins and a campout complete with s’mores.

Happy 5th birthday to Jett Ellis!

Mark your calendars for:

January 19th — PECC is closed for Martin Luther King Jr. Day
January 31st — parent workday

Wishing everyone a 2015 full of good health!

Ms. Brandi