Kindergarten Prep Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes

Wow! I am amazed everyday at how quickly the students are learning new skills and how excited they are to learn even more! I am having so much fun

In February our letters will be Nn, Oo, and Pp. We will be learning about nocturnal animals, the night sky and we will be visiting Asia for the Chinese New Year! Ocean life will be a focused learning project and we will have a Valentine Party on Friday, February 12th. We will sing some songs about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as well as do some fractions when we make pizzas for snack. We will wear our pajamas to school and cook and eat pancakes too! I am very excited about Parent-Teacher Conferences on February 26th. The children have grown so much since November. We will also celebrate “Leap Day” on the 29th.

March will bring celebrations of Dr. Seuss with a reading challenge to each student and family. Happy Bear will visit and we will wear our western clothes for Rodeo Day! Easter is early this year so we will be making some special Easter decorations and we will visit Europe and South America in March. Our Passports will soon be completed as we have visited all seven continents.

We will also begin using our addresses and phone numbers on our trains and on our Helper Chart. If you have not started introducing these to your child, you may want to start. Library is still one of our favorite things to do and I appreciate each of you helping your student return their books each week. I also appreciate all the extra snacks and the fresh fruit that you are providing for our classroom.

This year has been like an express train — it is flying by and the children are growing so quickly. It is such a joy to learn with them and to learn from them. Thanks for sharing them with PECC.

Ms. Brandi’s Class

January was a whirlwind. Once Christmas break is over the months go by so fast. February is here and full of fun and learning. We will cover the letters Nn, Oo and Pp. Prior to Spring Break in March, we will do the letters Qq and Rr. We will be reading a lot of great stories this month like “The Napping House” and “If You Give A Pig A Pancake.” Even though Dr. Seuss’ brithday isn’t until March, we are going to have a day in February full of his great stories since there are so many. We will also have a Seuss Day celebration in March. His stories are fun to read and full of creative vocabulary. During Pp week, we will be reading from “where The Sidewalk Ends.” This is a wonderful collection of fabulous poetry for kids. This is one of my favorites to read to the kids.

We will continue to work on our academic and fine motor skills. I have seen growth in every child this year and I know there is more to come. On February 26th, it will be conference day. I look forward to discussing your child’s progress with you. Kindergarten Prep will not be in session but your child may attend at their regularly scheduled PDO III time.

Chinese New Year is on February 8th. We will celebrate the year of the monkey that day. our Valentine’s Day parties for both the morning and afternoon class will be on February 12th. We will have a special snack and each child can bring Valentines to share with their friends. It is best to address your child’s Valentines to “my friend.” Encourage your child to sign their name to their Valentines.

PECC is closed for President’s Day on February 15th. On February 24th, everyone can wear their PJs to school and we will have some yummy pancakes. Also, we get to celebrate Leap Year on February 29th. Our day may just look a little different on the 29th.

Happy 5th Birthday to Liam Flurry.