Kindergarten Prep November Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes
As we begin the month of November and consider the blessings we have, I count my students and their families in my list of blessings. I am privileged to spend my days with children especially as we enter the holiday season. There is nothing better than seeing this magical time of the year through the eyes of children.

Our only letter this month will be Ii and we will spend most of our time learning about the Pilgrims, the Wampanoag People and their sharing of the 1st Thanksgiving. We will celebrate Friendship Week with Ms. Brandi’s class singing songs, doing art projects and reading books to learn what it means to be a good friend. On Monday, November 24th we will have our Thanksgiving Feast before our Thanksgiving Break.

I am looking forward to meeting with each of you at Parent-Teacher Conferences on Friday, November 7th and don’t forget Picture Day will be on Wednesday, November 5th. Smile and rest assured that I will put away all the paints, glue and messy art supplies so you can dress your children in their picture-perfect best.

Please join Ms. Karen in the Big Room on Monday, November 24th for a Parent-Appreciation Coffee at 9 am. Come and enjoy a sweet treat and a chance to meet other PECC Parents.

I hope that everyone has been receiving the emails and I hope to be sending even more information as we continue through the school year.
Happy November Birthday to Isaac Bunch who will turn 5.

Ms. Becky

Ms. Brandi’s Classes
What a fabulous October!! Love those Royals!! We had a busy month full of exciting baseball and, oh yes, learning in Kindergarten Prep. The kids have been doing a great job working on their fine motor skills, and learning the letters Ee, Ff, Gg, & Hh. We enjoyed a lot of Halloween fun too. In music, we danced liked goblins and enjoyed fun games on Halloween like pumpkin bowling. We made ghost feet and cute mummies for art too. A highlight in October was Dad’s Night. We had two great evenings of fun. The PM dads started a new PECC Dad’s Night tradition of chanting “Let’s Go Royals,” since the game sending the Royals to the World Series ended about 30 minutes before Dad’s Night started. Good timing for all!

As November arrives, we will focus on friendship and cooperation. We will learn about the first Thanksgiving and how the pilgrims and the Wampanoags learned to work together and became friends by realizing their differences and the similarities that made them special. We will enjoy a friendship party and play cooperative games. In music, we will pretend to sail on The Mayflower. On November 24th, we will enjoy a feast with Ms. Becky’s class sharing some yummy snacks. This month, we will also focus on the letter Ii. It may just be a little icky sticky and cold as we do some ice experiments.

Thanks to all the parents that step up and help out when we need snacks, Halloween party food, fresh fruit for Fridays and anything else I have requested. I couldn’t do it without you. A special thank you to Natalie Tucker for helping with our morning Halloween fun and Sarah Gardner for helping us out in the afternoon.

Upcoming dates to note:
November. 5th- Picture day
November 7th- Parent/Teacher Conference day-no Kindergarten Prep this day
November 26th-28th-PECC closed for Thanksgiving

There is a food drive all month at PECC. In December, we will collect hats and mittens for those in need.

This is a great group of kids and I am blessed to be their teacher. Harrison Kroeger, from the PM class, moved at the end of October and will be missed.

Happy Thanksgiving!