Preschool Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes/strong>

“May, May the month of May.” This is how our monthly song begins and I can’t believe we will be singing it next week. It has been a terrific school year and this last month we will wrap up with lots of fun activities.

Our theme for the month is Ms. Becky’s Favorite Books. Some of them are “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “Purple, Green and Yellow,” and “Make Way for Ducklings.” “Make Way for Ducklings” is especially appropriate since we had a nest full of eggs (on our playground) and now hatched ducklings.

We will be making special gifts for our Moms, have a Camp­Out Day and Beach Day!!! Our school year will end with our Spring Program on Tuesday, May 24th at 9:00 am. Both the AM and PM classes will meet at 8:45 am. We will be singing a year’s full of songs and it is always a crowd pleaser!! Looking forward to seeing you there.

Thanks again for a great year. Your encouragement and support have been greatly appreciated.

Ms. Jennifer’s classes

It’s been a wonderful school year and it’s hard to believe it’s May!

It has been a blessing and a pleasure spending time with all of your children each Tuesday and Thursday this past year. They have been great little students and have grown physically, emotionally, socially and academically.

Thanks to all of you for your support whether it be bringing fruit and snacks, providing special items for holiday parties or just delivering a friendly smile  I’ve enjoyed getting to know all of you.

In May we will be doing some fun activities. We will focus on letters Xx, Yy and Zz. We will make “surprises” for our Moms, play with playdough, read some of our favorite books and practice for our end of the year Spring Program. On May 5th we will enjoy an indoor campout. The children may bring a sleeping bag or blanket to school that day. On May 19th we will enjoy Beach Day including the limbo, musical beach towels and popsicles for snack.

Happy 4th Birthday to Brett, Billy and Hughes- May; Opal- June; Zen- July

Have a wonderful summer. Blessings to all!