Preschool April Newsletter

Ms. Becky’s Classes/strong>

I am writing this as I prepare to begin Spring Break. This past week has given us beautiful weather for getting outside and playing. What a blessing that is!!!

As I was watching the children today running, jumping, sliding, playing in the sand, I heard them shout “chase me, follow me”, “I made you a cake”, “can I have that when you are finished?” It was wonderful to hear their interactions with one another and remember how last August they were all playing but not necessarily playing together as they are now. What a change. They are becoming so confident, so independent and they are so much fun!!!!

As we begin closing out this year of Preschool we will finish up our study of the Alphabet. You will see our walls and room decorated with spring flowers, Easter eggs and butterflies. You will begin to see some pencil-to-paper activities coming home and hear the singing of songs from this past year as we prepare for our Spring Program in May.

I am looking forward to a conference time with each of you in April. I have a long list of all the ways in which the children have grown this past year. The children do not have school that day but may attend their normal Extended Day time. We will enjoy learning about the rain forest, making vegetable soup, doing weather experiments and celebrating Easter! The last few weeks of school are so much fun.
We will finish the school year in May by making special surprises for our Moms, wearing our swimsuits to school for Beach Day and performing songs from the previous years’ holidays and seasons.

Enrollment for our Summer Session program is currently occurring for PECC families. You may want to consider enrolling your child for at least one day per week during the week session. It would be great to get to see the children during the summer.

It has been such a joy watching the children grow and learn this past year. They have laid a strong foundation for their continued academic careers. We hope to help continue to strengthen it.

Ms. Becky

Ms. Jennifer’s Classes

Yipeeeee… Spring is here! We are looking forward to playing outside and enjoying warmer weather  I hope all of you have a wonderful Easter celebration with your family and friends.

In April we will focus on the letters Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx, Yy and Zz. Some of our activities will include an egg hunt for Easter, up and down experiments, making a volcano erupt, painting violets, watching the weather, going on an “X” marks the spot treasure hunt, making windsocks and learning about zoo animals.

I am looking forward to sharing your child’s progress with you at our parent teacher conferences on Thursday, April 9th. The children do not have class that day but they may attend their normal PDO time.

We will be making goodies for the PECC Bake Sale to benefit the Harvesters Backpack program assisting needy children.

May will be a fun filled month. We will be reviewing letters, numerals, shapes and concepts we’ve been focusing on this past year. The children will make a special gift for Mom and we will be practicing for our Spring Program. We will also play some fun games on Beach Day. Please check your April and May calendars for specific days and times of special events.

We’ve had a terrific year! It’s been a pleasure spending time with your precious children each Tuesday and Thursday. Thank you for the partnership and support over the course of the school year. I hope all of you have a fun, relaxing summer.

Happy 4th Birthday to: Hailey Wessel, Josh Ousley, Luke Bond, Piper DiSalvo and Nathan King