Preschool Newsletter

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As I write this the local weather folks are talking about 60 degrees outside temperature by Friday!!! They are also mentioning a snow storm for next week. That’s wintertime!

February is fun-month at Preschool. There are lots of special activities and the children are also ready to start some more involved activities. Our letters in February will be Nn, Oo and Pp. We will be learning about nocturnal animals and do a variety of activities around one of my favorite stories, “The Napping House.” We will be sequencing the story and playing “who’s missing.” We will celebrate the Chinese New Year and learn about the ocean. Our Valentine Party will be on Thursday, February 11th. We will be having Pajama Day and the children will get to wear their pajamas and eat pancakes — a favorite day for all.

A very important date in February is the Kinder-Prep Visitation on Wednesday, February 3rd. This will be your chance to visit with Ms. Brandi and I about the 3-Day Kinder-Prep Classes for the 2016-2017 School year. Please plan to attend and get a jump on enrollment for next year.

March’s letters will be Qq, Rr and Ss. Happy Bear will visit and we will dress up in our western wear for Rodeo Day. Easter is early this year so we will be doing some special art projects. In the process of all the “fun” the children are continuing to learn about getting along with each other, using their words to share and take turns. We are also beginning to put pencil-to-=paper to hone fine-motor skills.

A major focus now is for the children to spell their first names with confidence. Many children are already doing this, some still need help getting started and others are still working on developing this skill. If your child is not confident in spelling their first name, please work on this with them at home. If they know and can spell their first name, try working on their last name. The kids get such a big smile on their faces when they spell their names with they are helpers!

Library continues to be one of our favorite things and I appreciate all the effort to help your child return their books each week. I also appreciate all the special snacks and fresh fruit that you help provide. It is such a blessing to work with such great families.

Happy 4th Birthday in March to Owen Hill and Ivy Cravy.

Ms. Jennifer’s classes

Happy February…it will be a fun month full of friendship and love!

Our letters this month will be Nn, Oo and Pp. We will continue to do activities to strengthen our fine motor muscles (i.e. playdough, tweezers, droppers, etc.). We are increasing our use of scissors as well as trying to use a correct pencil grasp. We will begin writing in our journals this month.

We will celebrate Chinese New Year and have a dragon parade on February 9th. Our Valentine’s Day Party will be on February 11th. The children may bring 9 cards to exchange with friends. They will each have a turn to be the “mail person.” We will play color/shape BINGO and enjoy decorating heart-shaped sugar cookies.

On February 25th, the children may wear their pajamas to school. We will make pancakes with Ms. Becky’s class and read “If You Give A Pig a Pancake.”

Some of our other activities will include acting our Nursery Rhymes, playing number recognition games, learning about pigs, fingerpainting with pudding, learning about ocean creatures and creating fun Valentine art. We will also be doing some sink and float experiments.

Happy 4th birthday to George Wallace and Weston Allen.

Thank you for your continued support bringing snacks, fresh fruit, party supplies an positive attitudes. It is very much appreciated! I am blessed to be your child’s teacher and your partner for this year.

Blessings to all!