Ms. Becky’s Classes

“April is the month for bunnies, April is the month for jelly beans…” This is how our song for this month begins and it is relevant to the things we will be celebrating this month. Spring is an exciting time of the year in preschool and this year will be no different. Mama Duck is back again this year and has laid several duckling eggs on our playground. It is fun to watch her and we can’t wait for the eggs to hatch. The celebration gives us a wonderful opportunity for delightful crafts, songs and stories. Pastor Kyle will be coming on Maundy Thursday and teaching us about Jesus’ last meal with and blessing of his disciples.

I am looking forward to the opportunity to visit with each of you at Parent-Teacher Conferences on April 6th. Your children have grown and learned so much this year. Ms. Twyla will come with her red wagon for the final time this school year and Jo Ho will be here to share stories with us.

Our letters this month will be Uu, Vv, Ww, Xx and Yy. We will be learning about the rain forest when we read the story, “The Umbrella.” How vegetables grow will be the focus during letter Vv and of course a big pile of dirt and worms will be on the table for letter Ww. X-rays and the color yellow will close out our study of letters this month. Watch for our spring crafts mural on the wall outside our classroom and for some worksheets coming home as we continue to work on developing our fine-motor skills.

During this school year it has been a sincere joy and privilege to be a building block in your child’s academic foundation and I appreciate all the encouragement and support you have shown to me and our classroom. Thank you for all the snacks, special supplies and help you have given throughout.

Happy May Birthdays to Bronwyn Donley, Carter Coppage and Henry Parrott

Ms. Jennifer’s Classes

Happy Spring! It’s so wonderful to see all of the trees and flowers blooming. We even have a mother duck sitting on her eggs underneath one of our slides on the playground. The children are so excited!

In March we focused on the letters Rr Ss and Tt. Some of our activities included painting rainbow fish after reading the story, dressing up for Rodeo Day and galloping on horses, learning about the 5 senses, doing science experiments, playing “shape” games and painting Spring pictures. We also loved playing alphabet Bingo and doing the Bingo dance.

In April we will focus on the letters Uu, Vv and Ww. We will hear the Easter story and enjoy a visit from Pastor Kyle. Some of our activities will include painting eggs with condensed milk, planting marigold seeds, watching a volcano erupt, painting violets, playing listening games and watching caterpillars transform into butterflies.

I’m looking forward to sharing your child’s progress with you at conferences on April 6th, Thursday. There are no Preschool classes that day. Your child may attend their regular PDO hours.

Happy 4th birthday to Isaac Schraeder! Congratulations to Nora Carr and August Younger who both have new baby brothers!

I hope you all have a blessed Easter with family and friends. Thank you for sharing your precious children with me. I’m so grateful to be able to spend time with each of them. Happy Easter!